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Beautiful apps, handcrafted for you

ThinkApps builds delightful mobile experiences that make your users, and you, happy.

Multiple top rated iPhone/iPad Apps

First class Android experiences

Windows apps on the cutting edge

Enjoy seeing your app built

Relish the excitement of seeing your app take shape, LIVE on your phone! Plus all details are at your fingertips

Client Delight Officers

No project ‘managers’ or ‘coordinators’. Our representative will not stop short of delighting you. Prepare to be surprised.

Live version on your phone

No more vague progress ‘reports’. Get your phone out and see the latest version of your app right on your screen. Simple as that.

The best toolbox

Best toolbox ready to serve you. Be it Basecamp, Tesflight, Github or anything else, we keep track of the cutting edge. So you don’t have to. And you get them for Free!

Top experts at your service

Anticipate a tough technical challenge in your app? No worries. Our mobile experts enjoy solving exactly such problems. So you can focus on what matters most to you.

Secret sauce: Handpicked designers and curated tools

We continuously do the hard work of finding world's top experts and assembling cutting edge tools. So you don't have to.

  • "In software, one great engineer is 100X better than an average one"

  • We bring you 300+ of the world's best Android, iOS and Win8 designers and developers.
  • “Mobile community gets enriched with new tools every week. To help you build better apps faster”

  • We run projects better (Testflight, Github, Basecamp) and build better apps (Flurry, bugsense, crittercism)

What Our Clients say about Us

  • The best experience

    I can't tell you enough how great it is to work with you all. From your professional posts, and TIMELY posts, to your helpful updates... it's been great.

    We've been working with various developers over the years and you've all -- by far -- have been the best

    Marc Sylvester
    CEO @ Laughingbird Software, LLC
  • All you need on mobile

    Thinkapps not only built my popular running app for Android, they also showed me how I could take my successful iPhone app to Android and expect high RoI in the first 6 months.

    Once 5K101 app was launched, ThinkApps has been super responsive in answering any request from my users.

    Todd Lange
    CEO @ Runningmate LLC
  • Peace of mind

    The ThinkApps team is highly detail oriented. They deliver what they promise, and then some.

    I could follow the progress live and in as much detail as I wanted. Super reliable!

    Darius Golkar
    Founder @ Wovin, LLC
  • Up for any Technical Challenge

    We have a top rated app called Priority Matrix which is widely used on iOS. We turned to ThinkApps to build its Android version. It has complex real time sync functionality which is critical for its UX. We are pleased with how quickly ThinkApps was able to implement the technically challenging piece.

    Pablo Diaz-Gutierrez
    Co-founder @ Appfluence, LLC
  • From idea to marketing

    ThinkApps helped put together the perfect team and also guided them through the design, development and post-release marketing.

    Highly recommended!

    Cory Gluck
    COO @ Charisma Apps, LLC

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