One Important Takeaway from the “Yo” App

Do you have a creative app idea in mind right now? Is it a unique idea that you don’t see on Google Play or the App Store? Do you think that you can execute it better than another existing app?

Then, I challenge you to write it down on paper right now and brainstorm later today.

If you’re not aware yet, an app by the name of Yo received considerable press coverage last week on websites like TechCrunch and LinkedIn. It has received over $1 million in funding and has been downloaded by tens of thousands of users. That’s a pretty big accomplishment for such a simple, but powerful app. After experiencing the press coverage that it received last week, we learned that any creative idea, even if it’s simple, can be a success. However, the only obstacle that stops most of us from making our idea(s) a reality is the time and effort we have to invest.

What makes it discouraging is that we don’t see immediate results. I’ll be the hundredth person to tell you right now that you won’t see results with your idea tomorrow, next week, or next month. What some people don’t seem to realize is that the time and effort you invest now, will eventually pay off HUGE dividends in the future.

I began my first blog post on my own website a year ago, with ambitions to build my social media presence and eventually become famous in my own field (computer science). After a year of writing articles on my experiences, expertise and building my personal blog, I became a LinkedIn publisher and am now an Author at ThinkApps.

So, the takeaway from this: your idea has the potential.

If you think you’re motivated and hard working, then your idea will become a reality if you put in the time and effort. The biggest challenge you have to overcome is that it will take time to see the results. But, what you can do right now to make your idea come to life is to stop sitting around and pondering about it. If you think you have great idea, then work on it!

Everyone has a success story to tell others. If you don’t think you have a success story, then take this opportunity to begin writing your success story now. Whether it takes a few months or a few years is up to you. But, your golden moment will come eventually when you can finally tell others “My app is on the App Store.”

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