Mobile apps will be the future. What’s your strategy?

Smartphone penetration worldwide is predicted to reach 3.3 billion in 2018. Research shows that smartphone penetration has risen significantly in lot of countries with more than 40% of population preferring a smartphone over feature phone.

Mobile devices have become indispensable in our lives. When mobile subscribers switch from to smartphones, core consumer behaviors including how we search, shop, dine, watch movies and travel will require radical rethinking.

The dramatic worldwide increase in smartphone usage is led by China which has an amazing 293% year-over-year growth rate, thanks to its vast population and growing middle class. An analysis by Flurry Analytics, which used data from more than 250,000 applications it tracks and is privy to over 90% of all iOS and Android active devices shows that the “world’s largest app markets are US and China which tower over the next group of top markets by at least five times.”

Some interesting statistics are:

59% of smartphone owners in China have made a purchase on their device, the highest among all countries in this study. [1]

75% of emails are opened, 60% of Facebook posts and 90% tweets are all conducted from a mobile device! (BillBoorman, ATC 2012)

1 in 8 page views are from mobile devices (comScore December 2012)

Mobile subscriptions will pass the world population by 2012 (World Bank via MarketingProfs)

Apple and Android represent more than 75% of the smartphone market (comScore 2012)

64% of mobile phone time is spent on apps (Nielsen 2012)

13.4% texting, 11.1% browser, 5.5% social networking apps, 5.4% dialer, 5.3% email/IM, 2.3% music/video, 1.1% camera, 55.8% other apps (Nielsen 2012)

All these statistics show that universally consumers use their smartphones to search for local information, find businesses near them, call a business and then make purchases and take action. With dynamic increase in smartphones and changing consumer behavior, enterprises will have to invest in innovative apps. This surge in smartphones mobile applications will definitely impact most businesses ability to compete. A mobile app and a website optimized for mobile browser will add to the company’s top line revenue and asset growth.

So what’s your mobile app strategy? Have you found the right development partner to execute your strategy?

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