Why YOU Need Some mAPM

Mobile Application Performance Management (mAPM) is a critical component to any successful app.

It doesn’t matter if you are the CTO of a Fortune 500 company or building an app in your mom’s basement, you should get yourself some mAPM.

Story time:

Jack and Jill are expecting a child. Throughout the course of the pregnancy they did everything right- Lamaze classes, doctor appointments, even painting the baby’s room that perfect shade of Hollywood Cerise that screams, “sass.” The big day has come and it’s time to launch the app have the baby, but instead of going to the hospital, they drive to the middle of the forest with a first aid kit.

Good luck.

Over the course of the last year, I have interacted with hundreds of companies and individuals building their dreams into a mobile application. They have taken the time to create wireframes that perfectly mirror the user flow. Weeks have been spent making sure the design is pixel perfect on every icon.

I’ve seen companies spend nine months developing an app, only to be flooded with 1-star reviews release day because they didn’t budget for post-launch app management.

Bugs are to be expected, but being able to quickly and efficiently address and eliminate these issues is what differentiates a great app from the rest.

There was a time where apps could be fun and gimmicky, when consumers didn’t expect much from their mobile experience. That time has passed; the mobile app landscape has changed to the point where many apps have become revenue critical.

As the rising trend of mobile e-commerce continues, the more imperative it will be for companies to budget for mAPM.

Lowe’s found this out the hard way two years ago.

More story time:

Lowe’s was running into an issue. Every night for 30 minutes during peak west coast shopping hours, users of their mobile app were unable to make purchases.  Users would get to the checkout screen on their iPhone, but were unable to complete their purchase.

The scary part…

Lowe’s didn’t even know this was happening. It was completely unreported.

They were losing real dollars for 30 minutes every night!

This issue was eventually solved with the help of mAPM. If you take one thing away from my post it should be this: budget for Mobile Application Performance.

Yes, it can be expensive, but it’s necessary and it will eventually pay for itself.

Postmates was able to move two full time engineers from testing to development just because they implemented a mAPM solution.

Be smart, don’t release your baby in the woods.


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