What holds startups back?

The world is being reshaped by a rising culture of innovation and entrepreneurship. Citing recent Kauffman Foundation research sharing demographic insight into startup innovation, Forbes says “Startup incubators and accelerators are popping up everywhere.”

Angel investors backed more than 50,000 startups last year – a lofty number considering that 90% of startups simply bootstrap their businesses. In ever-growing numbers, startup labs, incubators, regional innovation districts, accelerators and more are rallying to drive economic and innovation opportunity by supporting startups on their journeys from vision to reality.

Most of these ideas rely on a relatively short list of dependencies to make it to their next level of impact.

Securing the right financial resources, getting the business model right, and finding the right technical talent factor are high on nearly any startup’s list. But what factors actually make the difference between “go” and “no”? What are the roadblocks or obstacles that most often hold startups back? Given our unique connection to the startup community, that’s what ThinkApps wants to find out.

In the coming weeks we’re conducting a survey with leading US-based incubators and startup labs to find out what factors their participants rely on most as they move to success. By zeroing in on the things that position startups to move to the next level – and, of course, the things that block them – we hope to get insights that ultimately help incubators and labs remove (or at least lower) the barriers.

We’ll be sharing our results with all participants and in a paper we’ll publish here once the research is complete.

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We’ll share our results with all participants and in an upcoming paper we’ll publish here once research is complete.

Looking forward to your input. Here’s to startup success!

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