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‟Successful and unsuccessful people do not vary greatly in their abilities. They vary in their desires to reach their potential.” John Maxwell
Frequently asked questions

General information

What is ThinkApps?

Thinkapps delivers great products. ThinkApps can design and develop products for web, mobile and wearable platforms. Together with our world-class designers and developers, we manage the product development end to end.

What types of projects does ThinkApps do?

ThinkApps is available for Mobile, Web and Wearable software products. We cover all aspects of product building such as design, development and deployment. Our service includes:

  • Android apps for phones or tablets
  • iOS apps for iPhone or iPad
  • Web products and platforms
  • Apple Watch apps
  • Android Wear apps
What kind of clients does Thinkapps work with?

We work with funded start-ups, growing businesses and serious entrepreneurs. We also work with Enterprise clients on building modern offerings.

How is Thinkapps better than other alternatives?

We not only produce great output, but also ensure that you have fun experience collaborating with us. We promise a high quality, fast-paced and transparent experience.

  • We’re on demand – We are ready to start your project as soon as you are.
  • Modern Engagement Style – Live Dashboard. Weekly demos. Collaboration platform. Seamless.
  • Low effort for you – We will take care of worrying about the details of building end to end. Free your mind to think about your market and your audience.
  • Best in class talent – We build our teams specific to your needs so you get the most specialized talent working with you.
How long does an average project take to complete?

An end-to-end app is typically delivered to our clients within 10-15 weeks. This includes wireframes, design, development, and testing.

How much does it cost to build a mobile, web or wearable app with Thinkapps?

Our price is competitive. We are perhaps 60th percentile in pricing, but 99.9th percentile in quality and professionalism. You will enjoy working with us.

Get in touch and we can give you a price quote within 24 hours.

What if I already have a UX designer or my designs are finished, can I still work with you?

Of course, we can handle just the development and testing for you if you already have finished designs.

What if I need just design help and not full development support?

We can do that. We will work with you to take your product vision to wireframes and polished visual design. You can use these design mockups to seek user feedback, or to build the product yourself or come back to us for building it at a later stage.

If I hired a contractor or another developer and my code is messy can you fix it?

Typically we’ll want to rebuild it from the ground up.

Where are the developers located?

ThinkApps is headquartered in San Francisco. Many of our designers and developers are located in Europe, however we have teams across South America, Asia and the US.

How do you vet the teams you work with?

Each of our teams is vetted for quality of work, communication style, technical abilities, and we give all teams a test project before we work with them. This way we can ensure you’ll have a great experience working with us. We also train the teams on the ThinkApps engagement model, which brings together best practices and cutting edge collaboration tools.

What type of maintenance is covered after my project is complete?

ThinkApps products are well-built and we aim to polish off the edges before release. However, we do cover any residual bugs up to 60 days after your project is complete, as part of all engagements.

What if I hire someone to take over the product after it’s completed, is there a knowledge transfer?

With ThinkApps, your team always has access to the source code and they can go back and look at how the product evolved from Day 1. So, a new person can typically come up to speed quickly. We can also arrange a knowledge transfer session to facilitate your team member.