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Watchup reinvents the way we watch the news. Enjoy all the best channels in one place, continuously playing.

watchup tablet app
watchup smartphone app

Reinventing the Newsreel

It’s time to revolutionize the way we watch the news. That’s the mission behind Watchup. Using an algorithm that pulls news videos from a multitude of sources, Watchup curates a personalized newscast for you every day.

Client challenge

Expanding Beyond iOS

Once their iOS version was off the ground, Watchup’s founder Adriano Farano knew they needed to match it with an Android app fast. “It was all about porting an existing and successful iOS app to the world of Android,” said Farano. “Of course, when you're used to iOS, it's a totally different world. Android is totally fragmented.”

watchup app on phones
ThinkApps solution

Maximizing Resources

Watchup could have hired someone in house, but their resources would have been stretched to the limit. “We were looking for high quality developers with competitive pricing, and Thinkapps was ready to do that,” Farano explained. “The team was ready to understand our needs, to transform them in actual lines of clean code.”

background panels of watchup screenshots
panels of watchup screenshots
What the app achieves

The More You Use Watchup, the Better the Experience

The app uses an algorithm to aggregate content based on each user’s interests. Each day a playlist of news pieces shows up ready for viewing. Watchup even keeps track of which videos you actually play, which you keep, and which you ignore altogether so it can refine the algorithm further.

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