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These Concepts Show What Apple Watch Apps Will Look Like

The Apple Watch won't be released onto our unsuspecting wrists until early next year, but developers are obviously already hard at work writing apps for the tiny screen. A group of designers have put together some ideas for what popular apps…

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ThinkApps Designers mock up Apple Watch versions of popular iOS applications

Thinkapps' Build Blog has published a few designer mockups showing what popular third-party applications might look like on Apple's new smartwatch with some interesting results. The apps were created by several different designers, and you can…

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Here’s how gorgeous the world’s most popular apps might look on the Apple Watch

Thinkapps recently decided to have a few of its talented designers dream up visualizations of some of the world’s most popular third-party apps and slap them on mockups of the Apple Watch. The result, as you might expect, is a set of images that might mak…

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MG Siegler - ThinkApps BuildBlog has mocked up what some of the top apps…

[ThinkApps] BuildBlog has mocked up what some of the top apps may look like on the Apple Watch. Pretty slick. - MG Siegler

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What Your Favourite Apps May Look Like On Apple Watch

Various designers of the have released concept images of what your favourite apps may look like running on an . The companies behind the two most popular messaging apps, Facebook Messenger and Skype, will more than likely be creating Apple Watch…

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What Will Apps Look Like on the Apple Watch?

By being an entirely new product category, the Apple Watch is meant to pose a challenge for developers. ThinkApps has put together ideas on how popular mobile apps can make the most out of Apple’s take on the smart watch…

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Apple Watch: So könnten die Apps auf der Uhr aussehen

Zahlreiche Designer der Thinkapps-Community haben sich einmal daran versucht, Entwürfe von zahlreichen bekannten Apps für die Apple Watch zu kreieren. Die folgenden Bilder stammen also nicht aus der Feder der jeweiligen Entwickler. Dennoch geben s…

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Apple Watch: Interface-Studien zu künftigen Apps

Eine nette Spielerei und ein wenig Inspiration für Entwickler: Das BuildBlog der Entwickler-Community ThinkApps zeigt, wie bekannte Apps auf der Apple Watch aussehen könnten. Bis die Apple-Smartwatch auf den Markt kommt, wird noch einige Zeit v…

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