Android Design Guide – Advice from the Android User Experience Team

Have an idea for an Android app? Then be sure to check out this advice on Android design, which comes straight from the Android User Experience Team at Google.

Design is often talked about in relation to iOS apps. But that doesn’t mean visual design and user experience (UX) aren’t just as important for Android apps as well.

After all, you want your Android app to provide an engaging experience while also being simple to use. You want your users to love it and tell everyone they know.

You also want (or maybe “need” is more accurate) your app to stand out amongst the roughly 1.6 million Android apps available in the Google Play store as of July 2015. (That’s slightly higher than the 1.5 million iOS apps available in the Apple App Store, in case you were wondering.)

Don’t worry. All of your Android design questions are about to be answered.

The Google I/O Conference in 2012 marked the first year that a full day of sessions was dedicated to Android design.

In the hour-long video below, the Android User Experience Team discusses the Android Design Guide. They also share some great “tricks of the trade for creating apps that delight users and help them accomplish their goals.”

Even though this video is a few years old, we thought it was worth sharing as it’s one of the most comprehensive presentations we’ve seen on Android design, especially that’s accessible to non-designers. As the Android UX Team put it, “No design background is required.”

Next Steps

For more information, be sure to check out Android’s design guides. In particular, there were lots of helpful resources available on material design, which is Android’s “new design metaphor inspired by paper and ink that provides a reassuring sense of tactility.”

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