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This section provides articles and best practices for mobile and web design.

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7 Tips for Designing Apps for Women

Jennifer Aldoretta, who is the female CEO of Groove, a women’s health startup, shares advice on the right way to design mobile apps for women. (Hint: If you’re incorporating flowers, hearts, or dolls, you might want to re-think your design.)

Jennifer Aldoretta,

Apple Watch Notification Tutorial

Employing the correct notification strategy on Apple Watch is crucial for maximizing user engagement and interaction while minimizing user annoyance. Here are our top 5 tips for creating useful and compelling notifications.

Doron Katz,
Design, Wireframes

Tips for Effective Wireframing

In this guest post, Leon Barnard, a designer at Balsamiq Studios, shares advice for creating effective wireframes. Even with modern software development methodologies (such as agile software development) the road to building…

Leon Barnard,
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