How to Start a Startup: The Book

We’re excited to announce the launch of our first book: How to Start a Startup, which has been named one of the Top 5 Books of the Year by Product Hunt.

“Starting a successful startup is similar to having kids; it’s like a button you press and it changes your life irrevocably.” ~Paul Graham

As Y Combinator co-founder Paul Graham noted in a lecture at Stanford University, starting a successful startup — like having kids — is life-changing.

It’s similar to raising children in another way, as well: it’s one of the most challenging yet rewarding things you can do.

No one can provide an exact roadmap, as the path traveled by each startup will have its own unique twists and turns. But, there are many common challenges that founders will face along the way.

With the How to Start a Startup book, our goal is to provide the ultimate Silicon Valley playbook — a reference guide on everything you’ll need to know in the earliest stages of your company.

How to Start a Startup: The Book

You’ll learn from 25+ tech founders and investors like:

These insiders will reveal the secrets to raising money, building products users love, hiring a great team, getting press coverage, attracting customers, scaling up, and more.

ThinkApps‘ mission is to build great products. From our headquarters in San Francisco, we’ve designed and developed apps used by millions of users and, in the process, have become deeply immersed in the world of startups.

When Y Combinator began its “How to Start a Startup” course at Stanford University, we quickly recognized that its lectures captured a lot of the key learnings from which early-stage founders would benefit.

Using the course material as a starting point, we decided to write an in-depth reference guide to creating a successful tech startup.

We shared an early version of the book with the Product Hunt community in November, and just a few weeks later, it was nominated as “Book of the Year” as part of the site’s inaugural Golden Kitty Awards.

How to Start a Startup: The Book nominated as Book of the Year

After gathering feedback and making a few updates, we’re excited to officially launch How to Start a Startup to the public.

We hope that this book will help take the wisdom and energy of Silicon Valley and spread it worldwide, motivating and educating aspiring entrepreneurs and early-stage startup founders around the globe.

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