Apple Watch: What Your Favorite Apps Will Look Like

On September 9th, Tim Cook took stage at the Flint center to unveil Apple’s newest device: the Apple Watch.

While some are skeptical about the success of this device, designers and developers all over the world are enthused about its potential.

We had some of our designers from the Thinkapps community reimagine how popular apps might take form on your wrist.

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Facebook Messenger:


Having speech bubbles displayed on a small size screen turned out not to be a really great idea, so in order to conserve space we decided to display only text. While doing that we decided to use a simple identifier of a Facebook Messenger app, the status icon attached to the user avatar.

Thinkapps partner: Unity Interactive



The image above shows how someone would request a car from Uber using their Apple watch.

Thinkapps partner: SSP Software


pixelgrow_lyft (1)

Requesting a Lyft via the Apple watch.

Thinkapps partner: Pixel Grow



Moves app is a perfect fit for the Apple Watch. It clearly demonstrates that it could be highly usable and maintain all of the functionality of the iPhone app.

Thinkapps partnerUnity Interactive



This concept art shows how someone could answer a call or reply to a message on Skype using the Apple watch.

Thinkapps partner: TouchArt



Beats app could be used as a companion app to the iPhone app in order to limit the need of handling the phone while doing quick tasks as changing the music that’s being played.

Thinkapps partner: Unity Interactive



Yelp being used to find nearby restaurants and give directions to the location via the Apple watch.

Thinkapps partner: UX Passion



We have approached this concept from a perspective of one action being the primary, and an optional secondary action that is always available also as a gesture (ex. “< Your Music” back link, and its swipe right gesture).

Thinkapps partner: Superawesøme



A twitter Apple watch app could give you a real-time update on latest tweets. You can follow people, unfollow people, favorite  and retweet straight from your watch.

Thinkapps partner: CodeMyMobile



Swipe left and right directly from your watch.

Thinkapps partner: TouchArt


Once you find your match, say hi or use doodle to let your match know you are interested in chatting right from your watch.

Thinkapps partner: EchoUser


simona_thinkapps_pinterestTap an image to find out more about it, hold to pin it. Browsing divided in 2 main directions: “Everything” and “Category” based.

Thinkapps partner: Simona Stanciu, Mihnea Antonescu – Spiral Design studio




Watch Youtube videos straight from your watch.

Thinkapps partner: Simply User

**These concept designs were created prior to Watchkit coming out.

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