Taking the plunge into entrepreneurship - The time is now.

It starts off as a casual epiphany. Which floats away like a snowflake.

Days and weeks pass by, but it clings to your thought. Soon you can’t ignore it.

It shines as a glittering allure in the distance, making your normal life unbearable.

It compels you to chase it, promising glory, joy and fortune. And soon your present life becomes miserable.

You lie awake at night entranced by visions of ‘changing the world’.

Is it time to give in?

Many dreamers have given up everything they had to chase that distant vision.

Many have created new worlds and become legends in the folklore.

Yet many more have failed miserably and with no trace of their heroic struggles.

Yet none is a failure.

Many have rekindled the eternal flame of courage.

And courage is the fountainhead of all that is good in the world.

Courage breeds action.

Courage inspires fellowship.

Courage brings change.

Courage will take you to the destination.

The journey will be long.

The journey will be hard.

Your destination will change.

You will change.

But success is inevitable.

Take the plunge.

The time is now.


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