What Skill Set Should You Look For In A Developer?

In today’s shifting tech landscape, the profession of developers is becoming increasingly crucial.

They are both growth hackers and architects of the software future. Given the demand for skilled developers in the app field, finding the right professional that has the most adequate developer skill set is becoming a challenging task.

Are you a startup entrepreneur or small business owner, looking for a talented developer to make miracles with your ambitious project?  Are you hunting for stack developer or do you need iOS/Android developers? The developer skill set that these professionals have should be examined carefully.

Before discussing the most important developer skill set, it is vital that we outline all the common professional and interpersonal qualities required to ensure that the programmer you employ stays abreast of the competition.

When looking for the perfect match, make sure the applicant employs a passion for programming and a strongly developed mindset of efficiency and creativity. Focus your efforts on finding a developer who is excellent at coding and who is also an out-of the box thinker, a disciplined and devoted worker and an individual that is good at sticking to deadlines. Strong programming logic, analytical thinking, attention to details and problem solving attitude feature among the vitally important skills that the best developers need to have.

What Skill Set Should You Look for in a Stack Developer?

Possessing a vast spectrum of skills, stack developers are fully aware of all layers in computer software building. These range from the front-end to the back-end aspects of the work process. Because of the versatility of such professionals, the hiring appetite for this position is constantly growing amongst the tech start-ups. What you need in a full stack developer is a solid object orientation and framework skills, mastery of HTML5 / CSS, Business Logic, API layer / Action Layer / MVC, User Interface, User Experience.

What Skill Set Should You Look for in an iOS Developer?

An iOS developer is required to have a clear understanding of the Cocoa Touch frameworks, Apple HIG , Xcode, UI Kit, the iOS developer tools, as well as of pure knowledge of Objective-C programming language and the rest of technologies in the iOS SDK. A proven experience with the latest operating systems, features and Agile software development methodologies is strong proof that you are facing a skilled and talented iOS developer to welcome to your company.

What Skill Set Should You Look for in an Android Developer?

The ideal candidate for such a hi-tech position would boast a deep understanding of the full mobile development life cycle, excellent knowledge of the Android SDK, XML and JSON, acquired know-how in SqlLite and the general mobile architectures and trends, working experience in SQL databases, HTML and Javascript.

Conclusion: The Developer Skill Set that Really Matters

The perfect professional for your project should be the kind of developer who strives to continuously develop new skills and perpetually work on self-improvement. Do not look for isolated skill set when hiring a developer but rather go for people that have a variety of strengths and interests. These people should be passionate about the job and enthusiastic to learn more.

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